Quality With All the Requirements

Bawer is a technology advanced company facing up to continuous improvements. Its mission is to keep both the leadership on the worldwide market of accessories for commercial vehicles and the role of privileged partner of its customers. In order to offer them a further guarantee of quality, Bawer has endowed itself with an integrated corporate management system that is certified according to the UNI ISO 9001 / Ed 2000.

A Respected Reputation ... Worldwide!

Bawer boxes and accessories are distributed worldwide on several continents. A respected leader in the heavy truck parts industry, Bawer is a name associated with quality - a quality honed and refined through many years of production experience, and aggressive business approach and a relentless pursuit to supply owners of commercial vehicles with the shiniest quality tool boxes at very economical prices.

The Research & Development department at Bawer is quick to design innovative solutions to accommodate a wide variety of vocational applications. The highest quality materials and procedures, strict quality control guidelines, the latest construction technology, ultra-efficient assembly procedures, worldwide sales and support network make Bawer a supplier that is as solid as steel!

Design Makes a Difference!


At Bawer, functionality and overall look are not the only principles that define their tool boxes, but these issues are a vital concern in the Bawer formula for a superior box design and durability. From the deserts of Africa to the arctic terrain in Greenland, from the backwoods jungles in South America to miles and miles of interstate highways here in the USA, no domestic tool box manufacturer has exposed their product to the real world global workplaces like Bawer has! Bawer products offer a great value, superior appearance, exceptional attention to detail and an obvious passion to provide the very best boxes available in the heavy truck marketplace.

It All Begins with the Materials

Bawer boxes are completely manufactured in-house, under one roof. This way they ensure the highest quality products. Bawer utilizes the best 304 stainless steel, aluminum alloy and carbon steel. These materials are processed to the highest standards, and very precisely assembled to provide the most durable, reliable and appealing tool box on the market today.

Success Based on Solid Principles

The challenge that nearly every successful company faces is to increase production growth without sacrificing quality. Bawer has managed to increase the production of their tool box line while improving the quality standards through:

  • Efficient production procedures
  • Extensive use of automated robotics during assembly
  • Encouraging professionalism & instilling a sense of pride in each Bawer employee
  • Continual training of Bawer employees & associates
  • Strict quality control guidelines
  • A state-of-the-art workplace

Bawer Benefits:

  • Single piece main structure means no unnecessary welds and stronger box
  • Engineered robotic welds for consistency and increased integrity of welds
  • Weather protection for key hole
  • Industrial strength poly hinges and patented T-handle
  • Work smoothly in all temps
  • Easily adjusts without warping
  • Corrosion and chemical resistant
  • Brighter, "cooler" finish
  • Engineered "seal tight" system means it is water resistant and your tools stay dry
  • Setting a new industry standard with gas shocks standard
  • Gas shocks means it prohibits door travel all the way to the ground which causes door damage and gives it a luxury look and feel
  • Unique aerator/vent design keeps box dry

Bawer Warranty:

Bawer goods have a 1-year guarantee from delivery date to original purchases against any manufacturing defects. During the 1-year period, defective goods will be repaired/replaced at Bawer's discretion free of charge.

Guarantee does not include breakdown or malfunction due to the installation or usage not in accordance with the company's derivatives, external causes, careless installation and maintenance. Boxes must have a bottom support to avoid violation of the warranty.

Guarantee does not include damage and malfunctions due to normal wearing. This warranty does not cover anything outside of the items described above like consequential damages from loss of use, loss of time, inconvenience, transportation expenses, expenses for travel, lodging, fuel, lost revenue and loss or damage to personal property. Freight expenses are the responsibility of the customer.